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This folder contains correspondence from Brevard County NOW, West Brevard NOW and Central Brevard County NOW from 1973-1980.[1]


This folder contains only one document and is in sequence with Box 20 Folder 3. Document 1 is an example of a standard chapter by-laws document which most local NOW chapters signed during the 1970s. It lays out a leadership structure, officer duties, and conflict resolution plans in the event of a dispute. Overall, this type of document is unremarkable and the language is common with other chapters.

This document has been marked by an unknown person for proofreading and to include additional comments or rules. Some of these comments are difficult to read and the pages have been tagged for future cleanup, but the additions which we can read may be helpful in our understanding of the intentions of the chapter organization. Many edits remove the language for "Board of Directors" and replace it with "Officers." This may be related to a restructuring of leadership responsibilities or simply an update to vocabulary. Both of these are unsubstantiated and require additional research. If true, both could pose interesting connotative questions to our understanding of the formulation of chapter by-laws.

Other edits add rules requiring that all members in positions to interpret these by-laws and other chapter policies (e.g. a member attending a state conference) must be elected by the general membership.[2] This type of change may be related to issues in the past that members have encountered and wish to avoid, or it may be a typo that the commenter was fixing.

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