Box 20 Folder 4

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This folder contains correspondence from South Brevard County NOW from 1973-1978 and newsletters from 1977.[1]


The documents in this box show the correspondence from a small, but active chapter in Brevard County. From it's convening in August of 1973, the chapter would go on to push Florida legislators for ERA ratification,[2] and other efforts. In 1977, the chapter was inactive for a little under a year until it was reorganized by Bertha Mather in 1978.[3]

One of the interesting topics in this folder is the writing from Toni Head about a Feminist Religion and an essay she wrote about feminist spirituality.[4]

The collection of documents stops in November 1979 and there is no more information about the chapter in the collection. From this information, there is no indication as to when or if the chapter dissolved.

Document list


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