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Continued from Box 21 Folder 2. Correspondence from Brevard County NOW, West Brevard County NOW, and Central Brevard County NOW from 1973-1980.[1]


One of the notable resolutions reached by Florida NOW in the 1977 State Conference is to work towards decriminalization of prostitution.[2] Other resolutions reached at the State Conference include establishing state funded child care facilities through State Revenue Sharing.[3]

Document list

  • Document 1 - November 1973 newsletter with information about upcoming events and commentary on local politics.
  • Document 2 - Newsletter for Ft. Myers NOW dated January 1974 with information about a membership drive, ERA ratification, chapter tabling at the library, nominations for Wilma Scott Heide for the Woman of the Year Award, a notice of the Commission for the Status of Women for Lee County, NOW license plates, the 1974 National NOW conference, upcoming chapter meetings and events, consciousness raising meetings, chapter committee listings, and a notice of the Florida NOW state council meeting.
  • Document 3 - Newsletter of Ft. Myers NOW dated March 1976 with information about ERA activism, the upcoming monthly meeting, Susan B. Anthony's birthday, and fundraising information.
  • Document 4 - Undated newsletter from Ft. Myers NOW with information about an upcoming car wash for a fundraiser, a speech from Wilma Scott Heide, consciousness raising groups, a nominating committee, and a call for help writing the chapter newsletter.
  • Document 5 - Newsletter dated December 1974 from Ft. Myers NOW with information about the upcoming meeting, bake sale fundraising, a co-sponsorship with the NAACP, a coalition with the Women's Political Caucus, AAUW, ZONTA, and the League of Women Voters to support a Commission on the Status of Women in Lee County, dues, a recap from the Florida NOW state conference, letter writing for ERA ratification, lobbying in Tallahassee, and upcoming events.
  • Document 6 - Newsletter dated February 1975 from Ft. Myers NOW with information about a new chapter meeting location, the upcoming chapter event, an upcoming art show, bumper stickers for an ERA fundraiser, and upcoming chapter events.
  • Document 7 - Newsletter dated March 1975 from Ft. Myers NOW with information about the art show, changing newsletter fees, a collection of books called the "Feminist Library," upcoming chapter events, the parade for the ERA in Tallahassee, and a letter writing campaign to Florida legislators for ERA ratification.
  • Document 8 - Newsletter dated May 1975 from Ft. Myers NOW with information about chapter elections, a new consciousness raising group, the change in newsletter fees, an upcoming meeting for the Florida NOW] state council, family planning and abortion information from Mary Ranney and Mary Baldauf, a scrapbook for chapter photos and newspaper clippings, and photos from the ERA rally in Tallahassee.
  • Document 9 - Newsletter dated June 1975 from Ft. Myers NOW with information about new chapter officers, a new location for meetings, upcoming events for breast cancer detection, a state council meeting, an upcoming workshop in Tallahassee titled "Women in Politics," the announcement of a food drive for Nadine Steele, the upcoming Florida NOW state conference, a rape education class that would be taught at all Lee County Public High Schools, a donation from the chapter to Nadine Steele, the formation of a chapter publicity committee, fundraisers, a new apartment complex opening that offered full-time day care to its residents, and news about the acquittal for Debra Sue Lacy.
  • Document 10 - Newsletter dated January 1976 from Ft. Myers NOW with a recap of the last chapter meeting, a winter camp for women, news about state, local, and national politics, unemployment benefits in Utah, a new mammography machine at the local hospital, a riddle, sexual harassment at work, a newly opened child care center, a national NOW rally in Virginia, information about the Florida Feminist Credit Union, a statement from the Baha'i about sexual equality, and upcoming events in the community.
  • Document 11 - Newsletter dated February 1976 from Ft. Myers NOW with information about an upcoming women's winter camp, a celebration for Susan B. Anthony's birthday, chapter updates, Florida and national political news, information about the Southern Regional Conference, and information about the Southeast Women's Health Conference held by Gainesville NOW.
  • Document 12 - Newsletter dated April 1976 from Ft. Myers NOW with a song, brainstorming about Title IX, displaced homemakers, women's political agenda, the ERA, abortion and natural childbirth, the Ft. Myers Commission on the Status of Women, unions, and career day for high school women. Other updates include the Florida NOW state council meeting, and ERA ratification updates.
  • Document 13 - May 1976 newsletter with information about upcoming chapter events and Florida NOW and national NOW updates.
  • Document 14 - June 1976 newsletter with information about chapter elections, a weekly discussion group, ERA medallions, the county Commission on the Status of Women, the chapter's Abortion and Natural Childbirth Committee, the chapter's Title IX Task Force, a Women's Political Caucus Questionnaire, the Florida NOW state elections, a campaign to build a Women's Center, a campaign for Roberta Fulton Fox, state legislative news, "Feminism in Rural America conference information, the chapter's Rape Guidance Council, and chapter updates titled "Sisterhood News."
  • Document 15 - Newsletter by Fort Myers NOW dated October 1976 with information about upcoming events, chapter information, and Florida NOW state conference updates.
  • Document 16 - Newsletter from Fort Myers NOW dated September 1976 with updates about a rally for Women's Equality Day, planning to found a Women's Center, upcoming chapter events and meeting information, Title IX task force updates, and federal legislative updates.
  • Document 17 - Newsletter dated November 1, 1977 from Ft. Myers NOW with information about naming the chapter newsletter, a campaign to decriminalize prostitution with COYOTE, a Women's Action Center, a Hallomass celebration, abortion rights, the Florida NOW state conference, Title IX activism, and an invitation to a new yoga class.
  • Document 18 - Newsletter dated February 1978 from Ft. Myers NOW with information about parent locators with the Department of Child Support Enforcement, a strike for peace with the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, the women's action center, a battered wives bill in Congress, updates from the Delbert Tibbs case, birth control information courses in sex education classes in the Lee County School District, an end to sex-segregated classified ads in the local paper, the upcoming Southeastern Women's Health Conference, and information about Title IX.
  • Document 19 - Newsletter from Ft. Myers NOW dated July 1978 with information about a large ERA support rally, the upcoming National NOW conference, a protest by WILDCAT, the President's National Advisory Committee for Women, a legislative update about abortion rights, an education bill from WREE, an update from the National NOW PAC, updates from Florida NOW, fundraisers, an upcoming meeting from FARAL, a Human Rights Ordinance in the city commission, and upcoming chapter meetings.
  • Document 20 - Newsletter dated September 1978 from Ft. Myers NOW with information about pending legislation to extend the deadline for ERA ratification, a resolution passed by the National NOW PAC for unified membership dues, a blurb about the successful rummage sale fundraiser, a report from Brenda Carr about the Women's Equality Day Dinner, a recap of the previous meeting and information about upcoming meetings, more National NOW PAC information, a newly formed group called the Evangelical Women's Caucus, the pending litigation of Idalia Mejia, news about arrests of johns in New York, and information about the pending bills in the Florida legislature. The newsletter inset is an ad for a Spouse Abuse Seminar, and two example political mailers in support of the ERA.
  • Document 21 - Newsletter dated November 1979 from Ft. Myers NOW with information about abortion legislation and anti-choice activism, an upcoming Thanksgiving party, a report from the National NOW annual conference, pending litigation against strip searches performed by police, a report from the Florida NOW State Council meeting, a blurb about ERA myths, a mailer for Public Opinion Messages, a calendar of upcoming events, and feminist book recommendations.
  • Document 22 - Newsletter dated June/July 1980 from Ft. Myers NOW with information about a Walk-a-thon in support of ERA ratification, the upcoming Florida NOW state council meeting, the pending case against Joyce Joyner, a recap of the Florida NOW state conference, a recap of the last chapter meeting, upcoming events, a list of new members, a letter from the chapter president calling for support at the Walk-a-thon, and upcoming meeting information. The newsletter insets include a map of the ERA Walk-a-thon, and a pledge card for donations to walkers.


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