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As listed by the UF library guide, this folder contains one newsletter from Gainesville Area NOW from 1989.


This folder only contains one newsletter from this time period, but it can be viewed as a continuation of Folder 5.

The 1980s was a period of marked decline for many NOW chapters nationally. The Cold War was at its peak and domestic tensions were exacerbated by a resurgence of American Conservatism from the Reagan Administration and a growing income inequality gap. ERA ratification failed again in 1982 and many feminist organizers felt discouraged by the loss after many years of actions. Although the national political environment looked bleak, the situation in Gainesville can only be extrapolated. Perhaps analysis of other boxes will result in a more complete picture of the 1980s in Gainesville, but at this moment we do not have enough information to pass judgement about Gainesville NOW during the 1980s.

The single newsletter is mainly about abortion access and legislation. The commentary argues that NOW members must continue to organize to protect their right to abortion as it is under constant attack. This framing of the issue of abortion as a "battle" corresponds with other call to action pieces which use militarization to "mobilize" feminist "troops."[1] This newsletter stands out from others in that it is more lengthy and includes long sections of court cases.

The commentary begins by educating about several issues about abortion and then calls for an action in the upcoming months to connect members to the March On Washington.

Document list

  • Document 1 - Newsletter from March 1989 with information about upcoming meetings, events, the March on Washington, commentary on current issues, and a lengthy essay about NOW's position on abortion.


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