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This folder contains documents from St. Augustine NOW, including correspondence and newsletters from 1975-1980.[1]


Documents in this folder are newsletters from 1979-1980 and most discuss many events in the area. Many of the newsletters have a note from the chapter president discussing state or national legislative updates, give a recap of the last chapter meeting, or talk about a hot button topic. It is apparent that St. Augustine NOW was well-connected with the community and many events for other organizations were advertised in the NOW newsletter. Most of the political topics discussed in the newsletter relate to state and local politics.

This folder chronicles the criminal case brought against Carolle Baya in 1979 for practicing midwifery without a license. St. Augustine NOW pledged support for Carolle and kept the chapter membership up to date on the proceedings. The circuit court dismissed the case in October 1980, finding the state requirement unconstitutional.[2]

Document list

  • Document 1 - Newsletter dated May 1979 from St. Augustine NOW with a letter from the editor, upcoming events, meeting notes, a note from the Florida NOW Legal Defense Fund, and other local events.
  • Document 2 - Newsletter dated June 1979 from St. Augustine NOW with upcoming events, a recap for the chapter birthday party, a note about postponing an event for Women's History Week, a letter from the chapter president, and updates about Carolle Baya, and updates from local organizations.
  • Document 3 - Newsletter dated July 1979 from St. Augustine NOW with upcoming events, meeting minutes, and an updated from the state council meeting.
  • Document 4 - Newsletter dated August-September 1979 from St. Augustine NOW with information about a recent fundraiser, cancelling the August meeting, a new reproductive rights campaign from national NOW, local announcements, announcement of the NAF abortion hotline, and upcoming events.
  • Document 5 - Newsletter dated October 1979 from St. Augustine NOW with updates for a meeting with the Duval Women's Political Caucus, an update to Carolle Baya's pending case, upcoming events, information about women's sports, a seminar for men and masculinity, a mailing for NARAW, and a tshirt fundraiser.
  • Document 6 - Newsletter dated November 1979 from St. Augustine NOW with information about an upcoming meeting, recent election results, a list of upcoming events, a meeting with the ERA boycott coordinators, and an ERA quiz.
  • Document 7 - Newsletter dated December 1979 from St. Augustine NOW with updates from the recent officer elections, a list of upcoming events, a forming of a legislative committee, an expansion of the Florida NOW boycott for the ERA, hearings of the Florida Commission on the Status of Women, and a commission report on the ERA.
  • Document 8 - Newsletter dated March 1980 from St. Augustine NOW with a meeting recap, upcoming events, a call to write to legislators, a call to volunteer for ERA ratification, a blurb about women in the American Revolution, announcements, a poem, a blurb about Ms. Magazine and genital mutilation, and a comic about men and women college graduates and employment.
  • Document 9 - Newsletter dated April 1980 from St. Augustine NOW with information about a film screening, a note from chapter president Charlyn Rainville, an announcement of a job opening for executive director of Gainesville Women's Health Organization, an essay on sexist language, and a political cartoon.


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