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The finding aid for this collection indicates that this folder contains notes from the Southern Regional Conference held in Jacksonville in 1977.[1]


Documents in this folder are from the annual Southern Regional Conference, held in Jacksonville in 1977. The conference was designed to be a gathering place where members from local chapters in the South could meet with each other and the Florida NOW board to discuss by-laws and the agenda for the next year. Members could submit proposals for amendments for chapter by-laws and events and local volunteers could run for positions on the state board. These were usually small organizing changes to problems that local chapters had encountered in their communities. Along with discussing the proposed changes, members also took the opportunity of the large gathering to advertise and ask for support for their campaign for a position on the National Board.[2][3]

Aside from the assembly for voting, this event included social events, activities, and workshops. Many of the workshops were planned to train members organizational skills for NOW activities: "Planning an Action" and "Strike-Force Tactics."[4] Others included training for individual political endeavors: "How to Run for Office and Win," "What to Say to a Male Chauvinist Pig," and "Political Research, How to Find it and What to do With It."[5]

Most notable of the is the initiation of a n fast for ERA solidarity by member Ann Gazourian. This effort was intended to create a connection between the movement for ERA ratification and other historical feminist actions. It would create a "moral tone" to create discipline and refocus the members' energy to the campaign.[6] It was well received and a fasting pledge was signed by a large number of attendees of the conference.[7]

Document list

  • Document 1 - Southern Regional Director campaign brochure for Alyce McAdams, dated 1977.
  • Document 2 - 1977 Southeast Regional N.O.W. Conference agenda.
  • Document 3 - Flyer advertising workshops for the 1977 Southeastern Regional Conference in Jacksonville.
  • Document 4 - Receipt for copies for the Southern Regional Conference.
  • Document 5 - Postcard from Bobbie Ryan to Ann Gazourian asking for more information about a "fast."
  • Document 6 - Letters between Ann Gazourian and Maurine Taylor dated May 1977 about a proposed fast for the ERA.
  • Document 7 - Poster signed by members who joined in the commemorative fast for the ERA dated June 1977.
  • Document 8 - Letter from Alyce McAdam asking for support for her campaign to run for National Board at the Southern Regional Conference. Probably dated 1977 or 1978.
  • Document 9 - Brochure titled "Put Tootsie on the Board." This document is most likely from 1977 or 1978 for the Southeastern Regional Conference.
  • Document 10 - Note Note:This document is a listing of restaurants in Jacksonville and was not scanned.
  • Document 11 - Brochure titled "Homemakers and the Equal Rights Amendment." This document is probably from 1977 or 1978.
  • Document 12 - Workshop schedule for the Southeast Regional Conference. Document is most likely from 1977 or 1978.
  • Document 13 - Proposed rules for the Southeast Regional Conference dated June 3-5, 1977.
  • Document 14 - Undated document with proposed resolutions and by-laws for Florida NOW. This document is most likely from 1977 or 1978.