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Brevard County NOW was a chapter of Florida NOW in Brevard County that closed on April 25, 1974.[1]

As explained by Becky Berg, the president of the Brevard chapter, the county chapter ended monthly meetings in April 1974 because of low membership and differing interests among the membership. New members in the area would be directed to the two other chapters in the area, South Brevard County NOW and West Brevard County NOW.[2] After the monthly meetings of the Brevard chapter were ended, West Brevard absorbed the majority of the membership.

After the changes, both chapters were amicable and worked with other local civil rights groups on the EMERGE newsletter in the 1970s.[3]

West Brevard County NOW

This chapter was the first to be convened in the county.

South Brevard County NOW

In 1973, Carol Partlow founded a second chapter in Brevard to reach more women outside of the county center. The founding of this chapter was not due to a membership split or disagreement as seen in other areas. All correspondence about the new convening is positive. In a letter to Partlow, State Coordinator Karen Coolman encouraged the growth of both chapters. She notes, "I know what a hardship it can be to have to trek what seems to be half-way across the state for a meeting."[4]

Chapter membership waned and in 1977, the chapter dissolved after president Eve Culbreath moved out of the area.[5] Volunteers worked to restart the chapter in the following year.[6]

Brevard Community College NOW

An additional chapter in Brevard County was proposed by Karen Buckenmeyer in 1974 to better serve students attending Brevard Community College. Jackie Frost, the Southern Regional Director at the time approved the new chapter with the condition that the convenor would not be a student.

As I am sure you can understand, it has been a policy in NOW to request a faculty member, faculty spouse or resident near or on a campus to act as convenor due to the possibility of students losing interest from one year or another.
Jackie Frost in a letter to Karen Bruckmeyer, dated April 29, 1974.[7]