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Jacksonville NOW is a nationally-approved charter in North Florida, founded in FIXME.

The collection contains correspondence, documents from a campaign to block a ban on feminine hygiene advertisements, documents relating to Title IX investigations in the Duval County school district, and newsletters from 1973-1982.[1]

Folders containing Jacksonville NOW documents:


In the early 1970s, the chapter wanted to have a non-hierarchical leadership structure and refused to appoint a president. The chapter would list a member for Florida NOW membership paperwork.[2] On the ground, this structure was seen as a lack of leadership and chapter members went inactive during this time. In 1975, Karin Sisk was elected as president, but had difficulty with legitimacy with other members.[3]

Censorship of feminine hygiene advertisements

In 1979, City Council member Gifford Grange drafted a resolution to ban feminine hygiene advertisements. Stating that they were "vulgar, unnecessary, wretched and downright tacky" and that the campaign to pass the resolution was to protect the moral fabric of the community.[4]

"...if we stand up and enough people let their feelings be known, I think other cities will follow. This had gotten out of hand. Certain things belong in the bedroom, the bathroom or in the doctor's office, but they certainly don't belong in our living room."
Gifford Grange, quoted in the Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville, November 9, 1979.[5]

In response to the censorship resolution, NOW members organized to protest against it.

Employment discrimination investigation

In early 1979, members of the chapter filed a complaint of sex discrimination and violation of Title IX with the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare against the Duval County School District. The complaint alleges several issues with the district's compliance with the Civil Rights Act, including overall favoring of boy's teams over girl's with special privileges, coaching disparities, and the unjust transfer and firing of Carol Newby, the girl's athletic coordinator, head of the girl's basketball team, and PE teacher.

The investigation was conducted on May 21-24 and the results were sent to Jacksonville NOW in November of the same year. William Thomas, the Director of the region's Office for Civil Rights, explained that the investigation found that the district was in violation of Title IX because several factors.

  1. The Coordinator was not properly informed of his or her responsibilities.
  2. Two physical education classes at a high school were unjustly sex segregated.
  3. The district failed to re-hire or transfer Carol Newby.

The Department indicates that the School District 90 had days to comply with these findings and recommendations.

Thomas noted the a letter to Jacksonville NOW that because of a pending constitutional challenge, HEW was uncertain about their ability to enforce the section regarding the violation of unfair transfer and firing.[6]


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