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Panama City NOW, also referred to as Panama NOW, was a chapter of Florida NOW, convened in 1973 by M.J. Miller.[1] From the beginning, the chapter only attracted a few members and struggled to have regular meetings. Because the chapter was a campus organization, most student members left for the summer. After the summer, the organization had difficulty attracting the minimum number of 10 members to apply for a charter. The organization reached out to Karen Coolman and worked to reach out to women in the community.[2] Karen Coolman, the Florida NOW State Coordinator, expressed concern over the chapter's numbers:

We've got a new NOW chapter starting in Panama City. Its starting on a campus. As yours is the only other Fla. NOW chapter that is centered mainly on a college campus, I thought, if you had time, you might drop the new convenor some hints on how you do it. Actually, G'ville NOW is somewhat of a phenomenon -- most college chapters have trouble keeping it going because of the turnover. Naturally, under you're brilliant leadership, the improbable has occurred. If you have any concrete ideas that can be passed on, send to M.J. Miller...
Karen Coolman writing to UF Campus NOW in 1973.[3]

In 1984, Miller stepped down as chapter convenor and president and moved to Washington D.C. to continue her education. The chapter leadership was transferred to Pamela McCormack.[4]

After a year, the chapter was only able to recruit six dues-paying members, of which four were able to participate in events. The chapter changed its status to "inactive" and at-large members were directed to join Fort Walton Beach NOW.[5]

Collection location

The collection holds correspondence and newsletters from Panama City NOW from 1973 - 1976.[6]


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