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St. Augustine NOW

Newsletter header from 1980.[1]

In 1979, there were 41 total members of the chapter.[2]

The chapter was joined with Volusia-Flagler NOW on June 28, 1999 because it was in an adjoining area with the chapter.[3]

St. Johns County NOW

St. Johns County NOW was a small chapter of Florida NOW, convened by Peggy Jo Caraway in 1973. The St. Johns area was described by Caraway as an "extremely conservative, heavily predominant catholic, small town."[4]

The chapter had continual issues in recruiting members. In the mid-1970s, Karen Coolman indicated that the chapter had two dues paying members and 15 people receiving the chapter newsletter.[5] Due to a few unsuccessful fundraising attempts, the chapter funds were "totally depleted" and Caraway paid for the newsletter postage for a circulation of 20 members.[6]

The chapter was merged with Volusia-Flagler NOW on June 28, 1999 because of low membership.[7]

The collection has documents from St. Johns County NOW in the following folders:

Volusia NOW

West Volusia NOW

The chapter events in the 1990s were mostly focused on abortion and protection for patients and doctors from the local clinic, particularly against IMPACT. An annual report from 1992 also indicates that the chapter was involved with local LGBT groups and worked to counter protest the KKK. Other events include a March on Washington, annual celebrations from Women's History Month, promoting women politicians, countering sexual harassment, and other various protests.[8]

The chapter was merged with Volusia NOW which was merged with Flagler NOW in 1999.

Documents from this chapter are located in the following folders: